Franchise Management with CRM + Marketing Onboarding Buildout Manager Online Storage Helpdesk & More

A better way to manage your sales, openings, and franchisees on a Powerful, Affordable & Easy to use System.

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    Increase Franchise Saleswith CRM and Marketing

    Bring in sales with multiple sales funnels, drip campaigns, text messages and more. Our system includes:
    - Embed Web Intake Forms
    - Customized Lead Portals
    - Appointment Scheduling
    - Email Drip and text message campaigns
    - Integrated E-signing
    - Auto-generate invoice upon signing (quickbooks intergration)
    - Templates to save time

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    Franchise Onboarding
    Automation Saves Your Team

    Unlimited Options

    We know everyone's onboarding process is different, and having a flexible system a must. From data entry to training we have you covered.

    Seamless Automation

    Seamless automation will be trigger upon signing the franchise agreement. Allowing the new franchise to instantly login and follow you limitless onboarding process.

    Custom Portals

    No wondering how they are doing, or what's next in the onboarding process, with custom franchisee portals, driven by their data.

    Speed Up Openingswith Project Management

    Getting franchise locations open faster will lead to quicker royalties and more franchise sale. Our system helps with this with:
    - Custom Unlimited Tasks
    - Customized Workflows
    - Automation Thru Triggers
    - Data Drive Project Pages
    - Task Driven File Request
    - Templates to save time

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    Brand Assetsfor Franchise Development, Marketing and more.

    Brand asset distribution by sharing an asset, a collection of assets, or even your entire database with robust permissions.

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    Royalty Payments ACH Royalties.

    From tech fees to Royalty payments, all in one interface via ACH. Integrated with QuickBooks online.
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    One PlatformService Your Franchisees 24/7

    With one platform for sales, onboarding, opening, file management and support, you can quickly service your franchisees 24/7. Happy franchisees lead to great validators and a healthy brand.
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